View from an airplane window at the wings and flying over a scenic landscape of green hills and rivers

I love this image. It is colorful. It has some whimsy to it. There is movement. Not the traditional New Year’s fare of champagne glasses, streamers, confetti, and paper hats. And as the image suggests, what are your taking with you into the new year? I have been hearing for weeks clients (and friends, family members) talk about what they are leaving behind…but what are your making sure goes with you into the new year? What is the foundation on which you will build?

New Years Resolutions are a tricky affair. I actually don’t make them. But I do make plans, set goals, develop strategies, get introspective, change, grow. It is not enough to take a day and say, “from now on I am going to try to be/do…” without framing that statement with an assessment of where you are in the moment and then clearly stating what you will commit to. Think about it; making a commitment to something is very different that saying what you are going to do. “I am really committing myself to…” is very different from “I am going to do…”

For example, try: “my finances are so disorganized and the situation stresses me out, therefore, I am committed to…” or “my weight gain, resulting from my inactivity and laziness makes me feel sluggish, affects my productivity, and diminishes my self esteem, therefore, I am committed to…” For the non-profit organizations in the world, try this: “Financial sustainability is key to our longevity, therefore, we as a board will commit to…” or “our organization’s culture lacks a philanthropic spirit…we are too task oriented, therefore, I am committed to…”

We are all taking our bags from 2009 with us into 2010. It just is. The problem comes from not looking at what’s in the bags and growing from there. These bags don’t cease to exist
simply because the clock strikes midnight. Really. So take the time to open the bags, have a look inside, and be incredibly intentional about your 2010 plans.

Enjoy the trip!


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