A Third Entity

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I just got off the phone with my sister. It has been a while since we’ve talked. Life is busy (kids, spouses, home renovations, business) and time gets away from us. I also notice we share a passion for communicating with one another in human voice vs. some disconnected electronic method. Given life and different time zones we grab moments together when we can.
When I am with my sister I become deeply aware of the dynamics of relationship systems, especially the familial type. Our relationship system has a unique history and includes rank, titles, wisdom and experience. There is mystery also. Our system is one of natural order…of DNA…we were born into one another’s lives…and more than anything, it has become a system created of intention. We seek being together, we create a lot of room for one another, and we deeply love one another.

I live my life as Gary; my sister lives her life as Rena. And there is also something that happens when we are together. We create this third entity and empower this sibling relationship with life and promise. It doesn’t just happen! Ours is an entity that is alive, has its own rhythm and energy, and has a voice and a soul. When we come together and the electricity happens, there is something very special created. At the end of the phone call, we say good-bye, and then go back to our lives, carrying one another in our hearts, knowing the sibling entity has quieted for a while longer.

It will awaken again soon. It always does. And for now, the Gary entity carries the Rena entity within and I know I will celebrate in the sibling entity again very soon.

Name a relationship entity you have created. What is created when this entity is awake, vibrant, active? What do you notice? What does this entity need for you to put into it? What can you take from it? What does the third entity want? Think about controlling the entity; what do you notice? Consider being of service to the entity; what do you notice?

We are always in relationship to someone or something. Always.


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