A Week In Review

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End of the week thoughts and queries on several themes as informed by my week:
  • If you have a job in this horrific economy, what are you doing to keep it? What about the job–or having the job–makes you grateful? What about your employment status makes you complacent?
  • If you are looking for work, what are you doing that truly sets you apart from ordinary, or in many cases, sets you apart from the many candidates who are overqualified for the same position you seek?
  • Getting stuck in a cycle of negativity happens to all of us. What does it take to get you out of the cycle? What’s on the other side for you?
  • When you are done…finished…over it…what does it take for you to proudly, from the place of self awareness and clarity, act on it? You’ve made your decision so act on it.
  • Volunteers are amazing! In our time-strapped society, to give freely of time is extraordinary. What lights you up about the volunteer work you do? If you do not volunteer (typically: “I don’t have the time”), what will it take for you to find the time to enrich your own life by being of service to your world (for free)?
  • Planning is not easy. In fact, planning can be exhausting. And at some point we need to stop the planning and begin the doing. What do you notice when the cycle of planning continues…and continues? How do you break the cycle? What is it about the doing that is being avoided?
  • We are measured and held accountable in countless ways in life. And, we measure and hold accountable too. A lot! What’s all the resistance to measurement and accountability about? We do it and yet we don’t want it. What’s being held so deeply here?
  • There is the actual doing the job and then there is the way in which we do the job. What do you do and what is the way in which you do it? How aligned are the two? If they are not aligned, what can be done?
  • There is a vast difference between capacity and willingness. You may or may not have the capacity to do something and you may or may not have the willingness to do something. It’s the combination or alignment of the two that tells the story. And your story is…?
  • What did you learn this week? What totally new, mind altering thing did you learn…something that took you to a place you had never considered before? What’s next?
  • The older I get I realize that to be truly independent I am surrounded by people and support. In other words, independence is not a solitary existence, it is a way I carry myself, a belief system, a freedom that comes from connection. What do you know about independence?
  • Turning deep, personal pain into triumph and blessing is remarkable. pain is real and needs to be experienced. It’s life. And yet, to be able to turn that pain into a blessing, a tribute, a law, an awareness is inspiring. How have you turned your pain into an inspiration today?
  • Maintaining physical health and well being can be challenging in our lives. And yet, having a healthy, well balanced body is essential to having a good life. We forgo the essential for the inessential. We know we have to make these biological entities last a lifetime (not at all long when we think about it!) and yet we make choices daily that potentially shorten the shelf-life of the body. How aligned is your value for your body, your hopes and aspirations for your life, and how you treat your body?
And how was your week?

Enjoy the weekend!


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