Aging Spectrum

View from an airplane window at the wings and flying over a scenic landscape of green hills and rivers
Nora is my great niece, and she will turn 1 this summer. Sally is my dear friend, and she is 101.
I see each of them, usually on the same day, when I visit Boston. Each visit is incredibly sweet, often filled with handholding, storytelling, selfies, hugs, feeding spoons full of mushy foods, and a lot of tenderness.

For me, these two special people represent an awesome aging spectrum, a linear horizon with a beginning and an end, that is filled with breaths and love and events and mistakes and challenges and growth and impact and fun and ice cream and curiosities and Band-Aids and relationships and, well, LIFE!

It’s an awesome view.
Looking at Nora and Sally reminds me that we all age, on the same natural spectrum. We human beings all have aging in common. Aging is the great equalizer. We all do it. And even though the act of aging looks very different for each of us, it is aging! Wake up, go about the day, go to sleep…aging!

As a coach, my interest and expertise lie in what we do about aging, how we adapt to aging, what we resist about aging, what we embrace about aging, what we believe about aging, how we are transformed by aging. I am curious about the challenges aging presents and how we overcome them. I am curious about the impact on families when our attention is on a beloved member who is in advanced aging. I am interested in how families adapt to and work with cognitive decline, incontinence, and medication non-compliance. If the aging process is hard for you and you’re trying to come up with a plan, I am curious! I know coaching can be very useful as you explore these issues, too.

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