Coaching Works

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Coaching for genarians and their families works!
  • Coaching supports health, longevity, and safety, and builds positive relationships.
  • Coaching increases mindfulness and decreases stress.
  • Coaching grounds aging in goal setting and planning that provide focus and clarity.
  • Coaching reduces conflict, supports medication compliance, and reduces relationship aggression.
  • Coaching builds positivity and deepens interpersonal connection.
  • Coaching supports active and healthy aging, as well as independent living.
  • Coaching improves cognitive function, physical well-being, social engagement, and nutrition.
And there is a very large and growing body of research that says so!
Researchers and gerontologists have conducted numerous studies that have found genarians (and their families) can be coached—in person, virtually, individually, and in groups—to adopt behaviors, habits, plans, and best practices that improve outcomes for themselves, their families, and for their caregivers.
And genarian was created to do just this!
Co-Active Individual and Relationship Coaching with genarians and their families works because we ask the right questions that help clients clarify their topics and articulate their goals; and then we make a plan to get there.
Maybe these topics sound familiar to you:
  • “I want to live independently in my house until I die. My daughter wants me to go into a nursing home.”
  • “It would be exciting to learn how to use the computer and all the apps and buttons and e-mail functions so I could communicate with my friends and family.”
  • “I’d like to take a trip to Borneo and volunteer in an orangutan sanctuary there.”
  • “My parents do not have a clear legal plan in place including executed wills, powers of attorney, and the like. I need to help them understand the importance of this planning and how not having the planning done is really stressful on their kids.”
  • ”We (3 siblings) would like to come through our parents elderly years closer and intact. There is a ton of work to be done. We do not want our family connection to fracture and fall apart after our folks die.”
  • “When do I retire? Why do I want to retire? I don’t have a plan for when I retire.”
  • “Dad has a “friend” six months after mom died. It’s inappropriate!”
  • ”Having to choose which of my three children will manage my affairs or unplug me when I’m dying is very upsetting. I won’t choose.”
And the list goes on.

Every family managing the complexities of aging in the modern world has a topic that, if understood, could transform them into something better. As a gerontologist and coach who works with genarians and their families on a wide range of age-related topics, it’s not the natural process of aging (of getting old!) that is the topic for most people, really; it’s how we view aging or what we do about aging that matter most.

I’m curious: What’s your view on aging? What will you do about aging? What’s your “aging” topic and what’s really in the way? What role do you want to play to make the shift you describe?

Give me a call, and we can talk about it.
Coaching works!


Meet Gary Groth. Experience a coaching session. Get your questions answered. Let’s see what we can create together!

Gary M. Groth, MS, PCC, CPCC

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