Drop & Go!

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Saturday morning phone calls are not good. A loved one is dying. A loved one died. In the same morning! Hours later, animals have in-home care, teachers have been contacted for assignments because of missed school, airline tickets have been purchased, rental car secured. Supportive phone calls have been made to those in pain. Action.

What I notice is the ability to act without any barriers. Just do it. Go. In order to drop everything and go requires healthy relationships with school officials, equipment for studying on the go, flexibility. To drop everything requires money in the bank, a suit that fits, prescription medication in supply. To drop everything requires flexible relationships with clients, clear plans with contractors in the yard, and everything functioning at home so there are no worries. An awful lot of preparation goes into being able to drop everything and go. And I am grateful we can do so. We work hard to be able to do so.

When you think about dropping everything in your life and going…anywhere…for any reason…what do you notice? Can you do it? Are you ready? Can you transition from early morning coffee to deep sadness and concern without having to be in stress first? What would it take for you to be this free? What does it mean to you to be able to say “I will be right there” and just go? What do you need to do in your life in order to be spontaneous and free, when you want to and when you need to? How free are you, really?

Family in LA and family in HI…I am on my way!


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