Is There Comedy in the Tragedy?

View from an airplane window at the wings and flying over a scenic landscape of green hills and rivers
The global economy in a tailspin. Wars. Invasions. Climate change. Disease. Hate crimes. Intolerance. Soaring costs of oil, medication, tuition and daycare, groceries. High unemployment and the incalculable negative impact on families. Political scandal and corruption. Pollution and traffic. Incivility. Greed and gridlock.

Who can stand it?

How are you coping in all of this? What strategies do you have in place to overcome the challenges of our times? I notice many people are “getting smart” as a result of the economy; they are choosing to cut back, save a bit more, drive a bit less, recycle, pay attention to consumption of goods and power and fuel, clear out excess, volunteer. How are you “getting smart” in your life?

My initial intention for this blog posting was to write about fun and how to have it in these times. My concern is we are becoming so overwhelmed by the larger economic landscape that we are losing our sense of humor. Maybe this is okay (and hopefully temporary). I meet regularly with leaders of non-profit organizations and it’s all about cutting back, laying off, inward thinking, serious governing. There is little thought paid to why they do what they do, just that they have to do. I find myself reminding them about their Mission! The work of governing a non-profit in these tough times has squeezed the fun out of service…completely. How uninspiring. Doing “sacred” work has been replaced with doing the work for less and for fewer clients or else shut down. Vulnerability is everywhere. It makes me sad.

What slice of joy and fun and ease can be found in your day?

Savor it!


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