Make It Up

View from an airplane window at the wings and flying over a scenic landscape of green hills and rivers

I just returned from a month of travel and have now completed many of the tasks that lingered in my absence. A terrifically satisfying accomplishment: Cleaning and organizing my office! In the stacks of paper waiting to be filed, I found a paperclip holding three random notes. I do not recall the origins of either scrap or even why the content was important at the time.

Maybe there is some wisdom to share.


Make up your own philosophy.

Invent your own story.

Free up your own imagination.

Create your own self.

Perfect your own flaws.

Follow your own evolution.

Believe in your own team.

See your own ability to change the world.


Utility. Trust. Pleasure. Virtue.


Don’t be a conveyor of information. Use the information. Impact.

My dear coach friend will often ask “So what do you make up about it…?” I love the freedom in the question, the freedom to be creative, not to have to know it all, and to find value in the discovery.
So what do you make up today?


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Gary M. Groth, MS, PCC, CPCC

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