Outbound Train

View from an airplane window at the wings and flying over a scenic landscape of green hills and rivers
What I love about this advertisement at an in-town subway station is its directness. It makes me think about what we assign to others rather than look at what truly needs to be assigned to ourselves. Can it be that:
  • complaining about being stressed is really verbalized frustration for creating that stress? (your environment isn’t creating stress, you are)
  • being unproductive in a messy, cluttered, disorganized workspace is about having created that disorganized chaos and not knowing how to get it in control? (your work space isn’t messy and cluttered, you are)
  • tolerating an unfulfilled relationship is because you’re not adding to the fulfillment of other? (your relationship is unfulfilled because you are not filling it)
  • being in conflict with a board of directors or team or family is because we create the conflict and without conflict, there is no engagement? (your team is filled with conflict because you create the conflict)

I wonder, if people weren’t boring, stressed, disorganized, unfulfilled, conflict-seeking, what would be possible? What would be possible if we named what we were experiencing (boredom, overwhelm, stress, pain) and owned it and changed it?

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