Patience, please

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Go to “the Google” (that’s a George W. Bushism) and type in “change” and watch your computer nearly crash from over-processing. Climate change. Coins. Obama and change. Change agents. Change theory. Change process. Change models. Sustainable change. Social change model. The technology of change. A case study on epic change. It goes on and on. Over 1, 080,000,000 hits when you put “change” in Google!

So what do we know about change? It’s hard work. It is painful at times. It takes time and resources. Change, for the sake of change, is not change. Sometimes the change you get is bigger than the change you set out to create. Change is fluid. Some people respond really well to change, welcome it, embrace it. Sometimes change is very clear, easy and other times it is a murky, messy process. Change is a forward action…it propels you from where you are to someplace new…for better or for worse. The change will always be a part of our lives, until we die, and even then, change will carry on. Hold on!

It seems everyone I know is in a state of big change right now. And nerves are raw! And I wonder: What do you like about change? What do you need to address in your life before the change occurs? How do you stay with the process when you want to run? How does your attitude about change affect the way you do it? What do you recall about your best (or worst) change experience? What is it that you do that makes the process of change so doable (or not)? What kind of leader or shaper or follower of change are you?
There are a few topics to ponder that are this big. In my experience, if change were a ledge, many people (and organizations and teams and relationships and families and communities and countries and associations and neighborhoods and…) are perched up on the edge looking out and over, some ready to soar and others afraid to move, a few dangling over the edge being held by bloody fingernails, a few crashing to the bottom, and a few others who are turning from the edge and running.
Where are you on the ledge?
Enjoy the weekend.


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