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Do you remember how slowly the days passed when you were a child? An 80-mile car trip seemed endless. It took forever for summer to come. When it finally did, by late July, summer seemed interminable. Basic arithmetic reveals that for a two-year-old, the next year will represent 33% of her life thus far, whereas for a 19-year-old, the next year represents 5%, and for a 39-year-old, only 2.5%…

More than anything else, the young child’s perceptions influence how she experiences life. She has few markers that delineate the passage of time. On the first of each month, she pays no rent or mortgage. She has no job and does not commute. She is likely to be regularly clothed, bathed, and cared for. The child arises each day with no agenda, no “to do” list. She experiences hunger, irritation, and sleepiness. She has some favorite activities –her major activity is play. Each day brings new wonders… Meanwhile, she has no report to finish, no checkbook to balance, and no across-town meetings. She does not even wear a watch.

Your life is a bit more complicated and is related increasingly to how society has become more complex. Independent of who you are or what you do for a living, chances are that you’re busy, perhaps extremely busy, and are a part of our active, generally hard-working population.

If you continually feel pressured, don’t take it personally. You are experiencing the same dilemma as millions of other people, and you are part of the most time-pressed society of over-information and communication in history… Few people have what they consider to be breathing space in which to reflect…truly relax, or simply be.

At this moment you are being bombarded on all sides. The “intake overglut” wreaks havoc on the receptive capacities of the unwary. Yet you can break away from the pack that idly ingests the information, noise, and garbage that comes its way. Despite the ever-escalating array of obstacles, you can attain breathing space.

Jeff Davidson, [edited passage from] Breathing Space: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped-Up Society
Slow down. Enjoy the space to breathe this weekend!


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