Up there

View from an airplane window at the wings and flying over a scenic landscape of green hills and rivers

Quite often clients will offer up images/metaphors in coaching sessions that we just go with! There is always something to work with. I notice the presence of cliffs lately…lots of cliffs, ledges, canyons, voids. Clients are up high looking down or out at something far away (or far below) and they are in a place of thought and consideration. How do I get from here to there?

There is no one way! Leap. Swan dive. Backflip. Hang glide. Base jump. Cannonball. Bungee jump. Scale the side of the cliff. Rappel. Zipline. Hang on by your fingernails. Take a running start. Be a mountain goat or a bird. Turn around and walk down the way you got up in the first place. Send someone else up there. Come up with a new metaphor…

What if you do leave the comfort (?) of the ledge. Maybe you will land on your feet. Maybe you will end up in a broken pile of mess. What is true is you will have left the ledge, having dared to get closer to what–from up there–felt so far away.

And I am curious, what is your ledge? How far can you see? What will be if you leave that place? Now ask yourself, what will really happen if you leave that place?
Now soar!


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