Which Comes First?

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My word for the day is “sequence” and I am curious…which comes first? I am thinking about:

• a serious and nagging and correctable physical limitation that hinders your ability to enjoy your life and really stay present. You are slammed with work responsibilities making it difficult to “schedule” your treatment until next year. So which comes first, labor through (and suffer too) your life and work now–impaired–hoping for the time to heal later or work to accommodate the required treatment and healing now and getting the painful, limiting episode behind you?

• an episode of unemployment that appears to be going nowhere while also exploring life purpose and possibility. So, which comes first, satisfying the need for a job in your known but unsatisfying field (you have to pay the bills) while squeezing in time to explore the bigger questions or significantly rearranging your life to pursue your bigger vision while earning the money any which way?
• life, life planning, death planning, and death…four pretty complicated, deeply personal, and intertwined ideas. So which comes first, joyfully living your life as if the end will never come and blissfully ignoring your responsibility to plan for death or courageously planning for death as part of life and moving on from this place of completion and freedom?
• job searching and a process that has people seriously off balance and in fear. This is a process that we do because we have to, not one we will often choose to do. It’s why we stay stuck in careers and with companies/organizations and in relationships long after the date of expiration. Job searching is about marketing a product (ourselves) when we really only often see ourselves as a part of the larger production effort of an even bigger product. So which comes first, do you do the job the way you get the job or hold that there is no correlation?
Each of us will make the choices that feels best to us. Sometimes, we may even make the choices that don’t feel good but are bigger risks, have the potential to take us someplace new, may enlighten us in some way. For me, it is not always about whether I am willing (or not) to make choices, it’s in which order I will make them. For me, the greatest challenge and risk and fear and adrenaline comes from considering the sequencing, from exploring options and outcomes…and then acting!

What’s up for you today? What do you notice when you shift around your day by making what is primary last and what is last primary? What do you notice if you deeply explore that which you find un-explorable (i.e. “No, I can’t go to grad school now!”) and really see what’s there? What happens if you re-sequence your tasks / goals / ideas / plans and choose differently?

Now go…and choose!


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