Year End Giving

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Many people hold their charitable giving until the end of the year. Doing so may be tradition, your expression of the meaning of the season, or perhaps a function of accounting by knowing how much money you have left to give away. Whatever… charities are hoping you’ll give!

And I am curious… What kind of philanthropist are you? What is your personal giving style? What moves you in your world, moves you enough so you will support it financially? How much do you care and how does your financial support match your caring?

So try this:

Go grab your checkbook. Write a check to the charity most important to you. Go on…write the check and hold it in your hand. The amount on the check is probably what you think you should give, or what you can give. Now write a second check with the amount you would love to give–you would dream to give–to the charity. Really, write the check and hold it in your hand. What is the difference in the amount on the checks? How did you decide on a gift amount on the first check and the second check? What’s in your strategy? What is in that space between the two amounts on the checks? Think about it…explore that gap. What would it be like for you to make a movement from check #1 toward check #2, to becoming the philanthropist of your dreams, making gifts that match your love of your cause? Now write a third check, one that is greater than the amount on check #1 and probably not as much as #2…and put it in the mail!

There is so much thought and love and strategy and economics that go into our personal giving. I get it. The key point is to treat your giving–of any size and method–as a philanthropic gift. Giving is philanthropy and you are a philanthropist. Own it. And I challenge you, in this bold act of personal giving, to know what you give, why you give it, when you give it, how you give it, and to whom you give it. Be informed. Be smart. Be strategic. And match in some meaningful way your love of the cause and the amount of your check.

Please give.

Gro(w)th Coaches loves to work with philanthropists. Together we can explore and name your core philanthropic values and make personal giving plans to match them. Giving is not a random act of kindness. Giving is an expression of love, of hope, and of strategy. Contact me and we will explore the possibilities in your philanthropic dreams.

P.S. Don’t forget to void/shred two of the three checks you wrote for our exercise above. Or if you want to, send all three to the charity!


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